$110.00 ~ 60 minute session

$140.00 ~ Two people 60 minute session

$275.00 ~ Group of friends 60 minute session

Session Options

Private Yoga Sessions Available with Marti

Yoga & Meditation:

A private yoga session will set you up for success as you develop a solid foundation of knowledge.

You will improve your alignment, increase stamina and reduce stress levels significantly.

What To Expect:

Your session begins with an evaluation of your specific needs. This includes an assessment of your current health status.

Marti will provide a custom designed yoga or meditation program, easy to use at home or during business travel.

Follow up is essential, offering you support via email or video conversation.

Beginning Students:

You will learn the fundamentals FIRST.

Marti uses thirty years of teaching experience to help you build a home practice best suited for your body type and health needs.

Included is the exploration of meditation, use of breath and what kind of yoga practice is optimal for your lifestyle.

Specialized Instruction Includes:

  • Developing A Meditation Practice
  • Yoga For Better Sleep
  • Therapeutic Yoga For The Spine
  • Yoga For Seniors
  • Yoga For Cardiac & Vascular Health
  • Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga For Childbirth & Recovery


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