Marti Foster:

I am a native Californian, I was raised with a strong respect for physical health, intellectual growth, and spiritual awareness. From a very young age, dance, movement, and music were an integral part of my everyday life. Through my early dancing, it was already becoming evident that I was a natural born leader. These artistic influences were to become the foundation of my subsequent style of Hatha yoga.

As a young child, I was afflicted with scoliosis, a lateral curvature of the spine. Hence, yoga was prescribed to heal a possibly debilitating condition. Over many years of dedication to my own yoga practice, the condition was completely cured. Through this experience, I saw how transformational yoga can be for the Physical Self.

From very early on, I knew that my life’s work would be dedicated to the healing sciences. My intense curiosities about human physiology led me into professions including the fields of Neurological Health Care, Cardiovascular Medicine, and Sports Medicine Rehabilitation. At this time, I had the forethought that there would be an explosion in the field of Alternative Medicine. Thus, I pursued earning the appropriate credentials to begin instructing yoga on a part-time basis. In 1994, I created my company, The Yoga Solution.

Realizing the importance of the cultural influences and historical lineage of yoga, I decided to travel and study abroad. Included in my global adventures were the Hawaiian Islands, Fiji, India, Brazil, and Nepal. These diverse cultural experiences added a new dimension to my already unique style of teaching.

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