She is a force of nature.

At her core, all the wildness of the universe.

~John Mark Green

Marti Foster Yoga
Marti Foster Yoga

Marti Foster Yoga Instructor

My passion for teaching yoga began in the 1980’s.  At that time, I was dancing professionally. I became highly motivated to help other dancers and professional athletes prolong their careers.  The solution included yoga and meditation to heal injuries and relieve chronic pain symptoms.

I had a sixth sense that alternative healing modalities would gain popularity in the coming years and I became passionate about that vision and dedicated my life to that education and career path.

Today, my group participants and private clients come from medical specialist referrals including Orthopedic Physicians, Physiatrists, Chiropractors and Sports Psychologists.

I am a senior certified Yoga Teacher. I also train and mentor new instructors in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Yoga Specialist

  • Corporate Yoga:

Custom yoga programs for the office.

  • Prenatal Yoga:

Yoga based preparation for all phases of pregnancy and delivery.

  • Postnatal Yoga:

Yoga coaching for birth recovery, which benefits both mom and baby.


What I can do for you:

Whether it’s Corporate Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Postnatal Baby & Me Yoga, Yoga for Aging Well, or Private Yoga Sessions, you will learn ways to invest in and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Dedicate time, step out of your daily routine, and join me to discover more ease and happiness in your life!


Marti Foster Offerings

What I can tell you for sure is…
It takes courage to heal oneself.
It requires one to take full responsibility to live with more joy, less stress, more connection to community, less isolation and fear.
It is my honor to share these offerings with you.

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Due to the current global health crisis, I have transitioned to offering most of my classes online. Please join me, wherever you are in the world!

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